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The morning of day 5, we drove through Salt Lake City, UT and stopped at a Camping World to get a new jack. Chris had already called ahead to ensure that they had what we needed. They also had a service bay so I could have them install if I was unable to do it for some reason. Easy peasy, right? WRONG.

We arrived at Camping World and I went in to grab the part. Guess what? They did not have any in stock. I asked the guy to check in the back… they were out there too. Needless to say, I was pissed. The man offered to order a part for us, but I explained that we were just passing through, so he suggested we try General RV. I got back to the car, fuming. I called General RV to ensure they had the part, and was a bit snippy on the phone with the guy in the parts department. When he told me they did have the part, I was like… “Are you sure????”¬†

We drove across town to General RV. The parking situation was precarious and I was sure that I had gotten myself blocked in as soon as I pulled in. Luckily, they did have the part and I was able to talk with the guy from the phone. I explained what had happened with Camping World and apologized for being an asshole. He laughed it off and said he would feel the same way. Whew. Guilt gone.

I decided that I would wait until we got to our campground for the night to install the part. I wanted to get on the road and didn’t want to have to worry about the kids in the car while I was messing with the repair. Too much pressure!

This morning while Lorelei was sleeping and the boys were occupied with their Legos, I was able to replace the part. Thankfully, it was super easy–just putting the new jack in the hole, attaching the foot, and bolting the whole thing in.¬†Freaking hooray! I’m so happy to have this whole ordeal ¬†behind us!