My first week of being 35 has been synchronicity at its finest.

Something finally clicked for me the last week of March and I made arrangements to go and check out a boat in Oak Harbor when I went to the mainland for the weekend.  

A few hours after we checked her out, I decided that I could see this being the “right boat” for me.

I contacted the seller who then ended up selling it to someone else and I was bummed.  In the two years that I had been looking at boats, this was only the second one that I could “see” being my boat.

Chris and I then looked at other boats listed online and found one in Mount Vernon that we made arrangements to go look at before I headed back to Friday Harbor.

I wasn’t super excited.  I was still sad about missing out on the Cal we had looked at the Friday before.  Plus, this whole process stresses me out!  We drove to Mount Vernon Tuesday evening to check out the boat before I had to catch the ferry back home.  I admitted to Chris that I was having a hard time getting excited… Luckily, he was excited enough for the both of us!

Since she was on a trailer, we were able to inspect the bottom as well as the interior.  And she was a very well-taken care of boat.

As we walked around the interior and Glenn told us about her, I started to visualize what it would be like to sail her and live on her.

And I was ready to make her mine.

We ended up going upstairs to negotiate over a glass of wine (and when I say “we”, I mean Chris and Glenn, because this whole process makes me extremely uncomfortable!).

And this is where everything, oddly, started to fall into place.  I had received a text from the previous seller offering me the opportunity to buy his boat, but I was now no longer interested.  Chris and Glenn realized they had Glenn’s brother in common and that Glenn had even met Chris years ago.  

The only thing that wasn’t going to work out the way I wanted is where I was going to be keeping the boat.  The Port of Friday Harbor already had a lengthy waiting list and I had resigned myself to moving off island while I waited for something to open up.  I had come to terms with that and decided that I would just look at it as a new adventure!

So, we wrote Glenn a check and I headed back to Friday Harbor to start making arrangements.

Wednesday, however, I had a dentist appointment and ended up with a different hygienist than usual.  And the purchase of the boat and moving off island came up in between having her hands shoved in my mouth.  She just happened to know where I might be able to find a home on island for my new boat.

Before I left the dentist office, I had clean teeth, a new toothbrush, and the number of a guy who rented out slips right around the corner from the port.  I gave him a call while I ate lunch, and we met up that afternoon so he could show me my new temporary home while I waited for the port to have space.

I’ve never been so glad to have had a dentist appointment in my life!

I always think of birthdays as my “new year”.  I used to make a bucket list of things I wanted to accomplish for the coming year – kinda like resolutions, only better (and a lot more fun!).

This year, less than a week in, I tackled the one thing that had made its way onto my list for the past two birthdays.

Like I mentioned before, I didn’t make this decision lightly – it’s been two years in the making.  I’ve been so fortunate to have some amazing people in my life who have been patient with me and encouraged me as I struggled with how to make this happen.  My biggest supporter, who this couldn’t and wouldn’t have happened without, Chris, has taken on “hero status” in my mind.  He has literally been a life changer for me.

And so, in just a matter of days, I will bring Tosca home to Friday Harbor and the learning process will begin.

We don’t really know each other yet, but I already feel like she’s the love of my life.

Here’s to 35 being “the year of the boat”!