This morning as I was taking Tucker out for his usual morning stroll, there was a vehicle parked on our side of the one-way street. So I took Tucker across the road assuming they were in the process of driving away.

As we walked past them, the driver rolled down his window.

“I just wanted to let you know that we were just talking about how jealous we are of you.”

Interesting comment from a complete stranger… 

“Why is that?” I asked completely confused… I mean Tucker is cute… but doesn’t really warrant jealousy.

“Because you get to live here like this”… still an odd comment seeing as how he had know idea who I was or how I lived.

Apparently, his wife had made him pull over above the marina so she could take in the view.  Maybe they saw me walking up from the boat with Tucker… I don’t know.

They were from Chicago and we got to talking a bit.  They asked how long I’d lived here, I told them three years and that I had just bought the boat this past spring.

That got them even more excited as apparently his wife had told him upon getting back into the car that they should go home and sell the house.

We talked about all of the places you could go by boat from here and he again told me how they were envious of my life and I thanked him, told him I was ruined for living anywhere else, and it was a good reminder to hear because I felt like I was taking it for granted.

I encouraged them to go home and sell their house as Tucker and I continued on our way.

This interaction made me really glad that I had taken the time to put on real clothes as opposed to shoving my plaid pajama pants into my xtratufs for our morning walk.

It’s interesting how this came up less than 48 hours after I was having a conversation with Chris about our chosen lifestyles and how I don’t necessarily appreciate it… at least not in the same way that the people in the car did.

He talked about that when he met new people and they found out the he lived in the islands on a sailboat, they didn’t quite know what to do with that.

I thought about that, and realized that I don’t share these things with people unless they ask.  I think part of it is that I feel like if people want to know something about me, they’ll ask, and part of it is because I don’t see it as anything special.

I’ve always loved the water. So I made a choice to live near the water. I’ve always felt a connection with the whales, so I made a choice to live near the whales.  After moving to Friday Harbor and being introduced to life on a sailboat by Chris, I made a choice to live my life on a sailboat.

There’s nothing special about any of that.

Not once, for which I’m grateful, did the couple I met this morning tell me how lucky I was.  

It has nothing to do with luck.

It had everything to do with priorities and choices.

So, while I don’t see my current circumstances as anything special, I also know that I appreciate it in my own way – I take the time to enjoy watching the seals feed off nearby boats, I take the time to watch sunsets, I take the time to go off in search of the whales.

I’m living the life I was meant to live, a life that fits me really well, and that’s all it really is.