Dear Internet,

When I decided to buy a boat, I thought you would have my back.  


Anytime I need an answer or at least part of an answer to a question, a problem, a recipe, or to prove someone wrong when they state what is obviously BS with authority. you’ve been there for me.

I’ve come to depend on you.

But then I bought a boat.

And you have either thrown a bunch of words at me that I don’t understand or, worse, complete silence.

So now I have a boat… and maybe the issues are simple and obvious (I’m pretty sure some of them are), and others are a little more complex.

But I have no idea because you have decided to turn your back on me in my time of need.

So, fine.  Be that way.  I can do this.  

I was alive before Google existed… I did ok. 

And to my fellow newbie sailors, this page is for you.  If you find the internet failing you, then maybe my attempts at Do-It-Myself will provide some assistance to you… and if not, you might at least get a good laugh at my expense…  I’m ok with that too.