& Tucker Too

At the end of 2006, I had decided I wanted to get a dog.  I had kept my eyes open, and oddly I saw lots of cute dogs and puppies that I could live with or live without.  Then I saw Tucker’s face (his prison name was Riddles) on the shelter website and immediately knew that he was meant to be my dog.

That was a Thursday afternoon.

I called the shelter to find out what the process for adoption was, and the woman on the phone explained that I would need to come there to pay the fee and sign the paperwork and then he could be fixed the following day and ready for pick up on Saturday.

I realized there was no way I was going to be able to make it there in traffic before they closed that afternoon, so I resigned myself to going on Friday which then meant I wouldn’t be able to pick him up until the following Tuesday.

I was bummed.

But, school was going to be out for winter break and I also taught preschool at the time which also had a lengthy winter break, so I was excited to get to spend two plus uninterrupted weeks with my new dog and getting him used  to his new home.

The next morning I arrived at the shelter to be told “it’s a good thing you didn’t come in yesterday, he’s not for adoption anymore.”

Uhhh, what?!

Apparently he had been diagnosed with kennel cough, so now he was no longer up for adoption until he had been cleared by the vet.  

I asked if I could see him and was told I could as long as I didn’t touch any other dogs.  I found him looking sad and pathetic in a large gated area all by himself in the back of the shelter.  I laid on the floor and petted him through the gate.

I left that day with assurances that they would call me as soon as he had been cleared.

School let out, Christmas came, 2007 came, and school started back up… still no dog.

I called multiple times a week and went to visit a couple of times.

FINALLY, the second week in January, I got the call that I could now come in and fill out the paperwork.  When I went in, I took the lady at the front desk flowers because I felt like I owed her some token of appreciation for being so patient with all of my harassing phone calls and visits.

48 hours later Tucker officially came home and I comforted myself with the fact that we would have a three day weekend together for MLK Day… not quite the same as two and a half weeks, but I would take it.

And as I tried to house train the new puppy who was estimated to be about 11 months at the point, it snowed the entire weekend (in Texas).

We are currently in the process of living happily ever after…

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