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Julie Daq(uelente) is an animal advocate, living liver donor, and online business strategist.  Originally born and raised in Texas, she has also called North Carolina home and currently resides on a small island off the coast of Washington where she moved after learning that’s where the Southern Resident Killer Whales spend their time during the summer.

Julie can be found island hopping on her Newport 27, eating french fries, or more often than not, engrossed in her latest project on her laptop.

Animal Advocate


Julie has always been passionate about animal welfare and rights.  She adopted Tucker, her partner in crime for nearly 13 years, from an animal shelter in Texas in 2007, and dreams of ways to save all of the animals.  Since her current lifestyle doesn’t allow for acres of land and adopting all of the animals herself, she has started a project called “And Tucker Too” to help support, encourage, and inspire the adoption of animals who need a loving home. This project is currently in the beginning stages, but you can check out the current status HERE.

The Vision: The idea for “And Tucker Too” started with the idea of creating a way to document the changes a dog undergoes when it is rescued and given a loving home.  With her knowledge of online marketing, website development, and e-commerce, the vision has grown into something that will hopefully allow for shelters, artists, animal advocates, and animal lovers everywhere to get involved.


Living Donor


Julie had known since high school that she wanted to be a living organ donor.  In 2018, it seemed like the right time to start researching the process and to see if she would be a good candidate.

After determining that liver donation (not kidney) was a better option for her at this time, she reached out to the transplant center that was closest to her in Seattle only to find out that they do not allow altruistic liver donations.  She then reached out to a transplant center in Texas (because she knew she would have a support system there) and was told the same thing.  As she soon learned, many transplant centers require that you have a personal relationship with your recipient (which isn’t the case with kidney donation).

She couldn’t imagine needing a life saving transplant and having someone out there willing to help only to be told no because they didn’t know each other. So, she turned to some online organ transplant support groups to try to understand why this was a common practice among transplant centers.

As luck would have it, she met Betty C. who was also a first timer in one of these groups, who was seeking support because her son needed a liver transplant due to a genetic condition that they had never even heard of prior to his liver failing.  On December 11, 2018, Julie and Bobby went into surgery at New York Presbyterian- Weill Cornell Hospital and Julie donated 65% of her liver.  As of 2020, both donor and recipient now have full grown, fully functioning livers.

(Image is 3 days post-op) You can read the full story and get more information about finding a living donor or becoming a donor HERE.

Online Business Strategist


Julie started her first business in 2010 in Raleigh, NC.  While learning all of the pieces – business strategy, website development, and online marketing she realized she actually enjoyed learning and implementing the pieces more than running the actual business that she had created.  When she left North Carolina in 2014, she sold her business and transitioned into helping other people put the pieces together to start and grow their own online business.

At the beginning of 2020, Julie further transitioned into putting together an online resource to empower people to start and grow their own business at Business by Design.  She still works one-on-one with clients, but she also wanted to provide a way for those people who are just starting out and don’t have much of a budget to have access to her years of knowledge when it comes to the strategy, tech, and mindset needed to be an entrepreneur in the online space.  This led her to create “All the Things“, an inexpensive monthly membership as well as her free online group.