Location: Decatur Island to Friday Harbor, SJI, WA

I had used my Rocna for the first time while having the boat at Decatur on this trip for 48 hours during which time we had 30+ knots of wind and the anchor held like a champ.

Pulling up the anchor was difficult – it’s heavier than the previous anchor and was also caked with clay from the bottom.  I managed to get it up and on to the boat by hand and by using the wench on the mast.  With the majority of the anchor hanging off the deck, I kept the anchor line wrapped around the wench on the mast, cleated off the chain at the bow, and the tied the anchor onto the boat with parachute chord.

Trip back was good – came around south side of Brown Island and the depth dropped significantly near the red marker.

Went farther past the slip before turning in and docked seamlessly.  Had issues with the dock lines not being tight enough when first tying off – still not completely sure what happened there.