Location: Decatur Island to Friday Harbor, SJI, WA

That morning we separated the boats and I moved Tosca to the dock with Chris so that Jill and I could load up when ready and head back to Friday Harbor.  Getting off the dock at Decatur Shores was a little rough because the wind was blowing us off the dock – Jill used the boat hook to keep hold of the dock while I untied the lines and got aboard.

It took us about 2.5 hours to motor back to Friday Harbor and it was my first time to try docking in my slip.  Docking didn’t go as planned – we turned in too soon, the beam of the boat came into contact with the corner of the dock and we nudged the neighboring boat (luckily, she’s my friend and we have an understanding!).  We were going at such a slow speed that the only reason I knew these things happened was because I saw them.

I realized once we were docked that I had forgotten to switch back to both batteries after starting the engine so the house batteries did not charge on the way home.

For future reference, I know I need to go farther past my slip before I attempt to turn in.  Also, I need to secure the dock lines around cleats when adjusting the boats position and keep multiple dock lines in hand in order to keep from drifting into neighboring boat.