The Build your Business Bundle is the first small product bundle I created for Business by Design and advertised to a cold audience on Facebook.  Given the price point and the content provided, it seemed like it should be a pretty easy sell.  However, I am not a Facebook ad expert, so I knew there would likely be some troubleshooting involved.

After 3 days of running ads with a $25.00 a day budget, I found the following to be true.

Ad Spend: $72.97
Reach: 4,030 (that’s how many people have seen the ad)
Link Clicks: 28 (how many people have clicked the link on the ad)
Cost per Link Click: $2.61 (not too bad!)
Sales: 0

My takeaway from the above information is that people were seeing the ad and 28 of those people were interested enough to click through to the Build your Business Bundle Sales page.  However, nobody went any further than that.

So, the question is, what kept all 28 people from purchasing the bundle?  It was time to make some changes to the sales page.

Changes made:
– Business by Design Logo was added to the landing page
– Q&A was added to the bottom of the page
– Chatbot was installed so that people could ask questions prior to purchase
– The Add to Cart button now went directly into the cart

You can view the original landing page below and the updated version directly beneath it.

Original Version:

Revised Version: