Location: San Juan Island, WA

Headed to the west side of San Juan Island in search of whales with Colleen.  There was quite a bit of fog as we left the marina, so I had to use the air horn for the first time – really need to get the horn installed and hooked up.

Once we made it to the west side, I decided it was time to put the sails up for the first time.  Everything went up, but the tacking was made difficult because port side jib sheet was not threaded back to cockpit correctly due to being at the dock with Tucker.  The traveller did not work smoothly when adjusting by hand, but worked well when self-tacking.

During our sail, we had an encounter with multiple Dall’s Porpoise.  See HERE.

Leaving the dock and returning both went smoothly.

Lots of items including the teapot and refrigerator need to be secured better while under sail.