Location: San Juan Island, WA

Took Tosca out for the afternoon with Colleen, Penelope, and Ella on board in the hopes of seeing some seals.  This would be the first time taking the boat out with a child and an additional dog.

Leaving the dock was not a good experience – the currents pushed us across into a power boat moored at the end of the dock and the Tosca’s stanchion got caught on their anchor.  Once we were untangled, we proceeded to motor around the south side of San Juan Island.

We saw several seals (so we had at least met our goal) and watched a couple of porpoise for a little while and then headed back toward the marina because everyone had something to do before the sun went down.

As we were passing Turn Island, we saw some large forms in the distance.  Turns out we had happened upon two humpbacks.  We then proceed to trail the humpbacks down the south side of San Juan Island turning the engine off each time they surfaced.  We proceeded to do this until the sun was setting and we then headed back to the marina.

Upon returning to the marina, docking went well.  Dock neighbor offered to grab the lines which was not needed, but appreciated.