Location: Friday Harbor, SJI to Decatur Island, WA

The plan was to take Tosca to Decatur Island to house sit for friends.

The forecast was for winds between 10-12 knots at the highest, so the plan was to sail as much as possible, which would also be must first chance to sail alone.

Left the dock around 11 am and a dock neighbor helped push us off the dock because he happened to be standing there.

As soon as we were past the rocks after leaving the marina, I raised the main.  As we progressed around between Lopez Island and Shaw Island, I raised the jib. 

We still had to motor for quite a distance because there was very little wind.

Eventually we had enough wind to turn off the engine and sail as we prepared to make the turn around Lopez Island.

Shortly after, an unforeseen wind storm kicked up and we found ourselves in 30 knots of wind and way over canvased.  

We spend several minutes heeled to each side with the sails in the water and me hanging on to the life line in order to stay aboard.

Eventually, between gusts, I was able to roll the jib up.  Unfortunately I was unable to do get the main down as I was unable to leave the cockpit without going overboard.

There were several incidence where we were so far heeled over that the rudder was no longer in the water and we had no control.  It was during this time that we came into extremely close contact with Frost Island and then Trump Island.

Between gusts I finally managed to get the engine on and we proceeded as best we could toward Decatur.  The boat still spent much of its time heeled over with the rudder out of the water.

Friends met up with us as we attempted to maneuver around Trump Island and find some protection from the wind.  We were eventually able to tie up to a mooring ball at South Beach on Decatur Island.  

The inside of the boat was trashed with broken glass, wet carpet, and items covering the floor.