Location: Friday Harbor, SJI to Decatur Island, WA

Filled fuel tank for the first time since she came over from Anacortes.  It took less than five gallons.

Took off around 11:15 am with Jill.  Untied lines and left slip entirely on my own.  We backed out of the slip and backed out of the marina.

When we arrived at Decatur, I docked at Decatur Shores and had Jill help with the lines – could have gone better, but we managed.  I left Jill at the dock and took Tosca to a borrowed mooring ball – was able to grab it on the second pass (first time tying up to a mooring ball on my own).  

Chris arrived shortly after and tied his boat up to mine.

I had to purchase my Rocna from the West Marine in Anacortes, so Chris brought it with him – I now officially have my new 22lb. Rocna anchor.