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There is no right or wrong way to journal.  If you are anti-journaling, I completely get you.  For years, whenever I thought about journaling, it never made any sense to me.  “I can just think my thoughts without actually writing them down.  I don’t need a diary.  I don’t need to write gratitude lists.  I’m good.”

Slowly, I started experimenting with the whole journaling thing and while I don’t do it every single day, it’s starting to become more of a habit.  And, not a “I have to do this every day or I suck” kind of habit, but the kind of habit that feels good and has no rules (the best kind of habit!).

I’m not going to lie, before I finally figured out how to use journaling in a way that worked for me, I was scared to write anything down… in my type-A brain, I thought I had to use a journal for a single idea.  So, for instance, one would be about business related stuff.  I would need a separate journal for regular-life stuff… and then I might need a couple of those depending on what subjects I wanted to journal about!

The journal (the first journal I’ve ever used consistently) that I am using right now is one that I purchased in NYC in December 2018 when I was there recovering from surgery.  There was a Papyrus store a few blocks from where I was staying and it made for a good walk which I was trying to do as much as possible.  My recipient’s Mom’s birthday was the next day, so I stopped in to get her a card and they were having a 75% off sale.  So, I ended up buying both of us a journal, and over a year later, it’s still what I currently use.  There’s nothing special or flashy about it which took the pressure off of writing in it (and ruining it) for the first time.  And I have come to love my little journal.

So, if you are thinking about journaling, the most important thing to remember is that there are no rules, you can’t mess it up, you don’t have to rip pages out when you change the way you are using your journal… you get the idea.  If you need some inspiration for getting started, some of my favorite and most beneficial ways of using my journal are:

  • Writing a letter to the universe (God, angels, spirit – insert your word here)
  • Notes as I read – quotes, ideas, thoughts
  • Processing my thoughts and feelings as things come up
  • Getting clear on my goals, dreams, wants, and desires

And if you need a journal, I suggest buying something that you love, but also something that you will feel comfortable writing in and “ruining”.

Some Pretty + Affordable Options