Once you have purchased your domain, the next step is to purchase your hosting account.

If your domain is like the street address to your online home, the hosting account is like the property you are building your home on.  This is where all of your files will be stored and where all of the pieces that make your new website function will live.

Everyone has opinions on the best host to use and hosts they absolutely can’t stand.  Since you are just getting started in your website journey, I am going to recommend HostGator.  I have personally used it for myself in the past and for clients, it is budget friendly, and I have never run into any problems if I have needed to reach out and contact support to get assistance with something (I’ve always used the online chat so I can multi-task and I’ve always gotten my issues resolved in a timely manner).

Watch the video tutorial below to choose the right package for you and get the best price possible!  Click HERE to follow along and purchase your hosting account.