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Writing in your journal to deal with the hard times can be really helpful in order to process them.  However, I find that when I’m ready to pick myself back up and figure out how to move on, doing some reframing of the situations with these prompts has served me well.

If you haven’t already, you can check out how I deal when bad stuff happens, but you don’t necessarily need to be defeated and feel like you’re about to hit your rock bottom in order for them to be helpful.

Journal Prompts

1. Instead of focusing on the negative, use it to show you what you don’t want and then focus on what you do want. Think about what has happened and use it to clearly see:

– you don’t want to feel this way/ journal on how you do want to feel

– you don’t want ______________ in your life/ journal on what you do want in your life. Use this particular obstacle to make clear the thoughts, feeling, actions, things that you want in your life.

2. View what has happened as a fork in the road.  Instead of seeing an obstacle, how can you view it as a detour in the right direction? Journal on how what has happened could be giving you the next right step or a new path to go down.

3. Write the question: “How can I use this?” or “What have I learned?”.  Don’t censor yourself, but write whatever comes to mind underneath.