Website Workshop Series

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Are you ready to get your website online, but not sure how?

Do you want to DIY it, but have no clue what platform to use and what all you need?

Have a mental image of what you want your online home to look like, but no clue how to make it a reality?

Want to make sure that whatever you create now has the ability to grow and change with you as you need it to?

Join us for a brand new free website workshop series!

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How it Works


The website workshop will teach you how to get your website up and running using the self-hosted version of WordPress in a way that will allow it to grow with you and your business for years to come!

We’ve released several workshops that will help you get started.  You can access all of them through the Facebook Group.

New workshops will be released periodically and if you have a question or there is something specific you need help with that hasn’t been covered yet, just post in the group – we’ve got you covered!


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What will be covered?


We will be starting from the very beginning… so if you already have some things in place, you might not need to go through every workshop – we will post a description of everything included in each workshop so you will know if you need it or not.

Some of the things that will be taught in the workshops:

– Getting your Domain

– Getting your Host

– Getting your Theme

– Colors, Logos, and other elements

– Setting up your self-hosted WordPress website

– Setting up email addresses for your website

– Step-by-Step creation of creating your homepage

– Creating other pages on your site

– Selling products/services on your site and receiving payment

– Integrating your social media accounts

– Setting up Google Analytics and Google Search Console

– Installing your Facebook pixel

– Email opt-ins

– How to set up a blog

… and more!  When you create a website, there is more to consider than just making something pretty.  There are reasons to do certain things, and reasons to not do other things… these workshops will help you understand how to do it and why you’re doing it.  And additional subjects will likely be covered and workshops created based on the feedback of those going through the workshops, their particular needs and questions.

Hi, I’m Julie Daq…

And I am your host and teacher for this website workshop series! I have been working in the online space since 2010 and have been working with those starting and growing an online business since 2014.

My vision for this series of workshops is that it will be something that will teach you how to do all of the things and why you are doing those things.  By the time you are finished with these workshops, you will have a functioning website online.  I see this as being very interactive – I’m here to help you implement the best strategies for what you are trying to achieve online and am excited that I will be able to answer your questions and make sure you have everything you need as you go through the process!

I can’t wait to meet you inside the group – make sure you introduce yourself when you join and tell me about yourself so we can all get to know each other as the final details are being ironed out!

Sharing is Caring


If you know anyone who might benefit from this workshop series or if you are a part of any groups that have people in them that might benefit, please share this page with them!